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Can't run Natalog?

Natalog swimming software is built on top of Java, a freely available programming platform developed by Oracle. Unfortunately, Java keeps tightening its security, making it harder and harder to run legitimate software downloaded from a website.

After starting Natalog (or the demo version of Natalog), you may be faced with one of the following error messages:

Picture of Natalog error message due to old version of Java

Picture of Natalog error message due to tight Java security settings

First, visit to make sure that you have the latest version of Java installed. Then, add "" to the Exception Site List in the Java Control Panel, as described here for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10. (For Mac users, the Java Control Panel is found on the System Preferences.)

On the Start menu, find Configure Java under All Programs or by searching for "Java".

Start menu with Configure Java

Click Configure Java to launch the Java Control Panel:

Java Control Panel

On the Security tab of the Java Control Panel, click Edit Site List... to bring up a window where you can allow Java to run programs downloaded from

Exception Site List in Java Control Panel

Click Add and type in "" in the text field. You may be prompted with another warning message:

Exception Site List warning in Java Control Panel

Click Continue and OK to close the windows. When you run Natalog again, you will get a security warning message, but you can check the box to allow Natalog to run. As of Java version 7u51, there is no way to avoid this security warning.

Natalog security warning

When Natalog's window appears, you are ready to use Natalog to write your workouts, track your times, and manage your lineups.

Picture of Natalog's Sign In screen

Rest assured that Natalog is not malicious software. It needs access to your computer because that is where it saves your swimming data. It needs access to the Internet to verify your username, to file bug reports, and to submit language translation suggestions. We value your privacy and do not share your swimming data or user information with anyone.

If you have any questions or problems regarding these instructions, please contact us.