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Testimonials - Natalog Swimming Software

“Wow. I can't believe I found this software. What a great tool! Thank you for making this.”

— Coach.

“I like its simplicity. I am so used to working with more difficult programs that this one really confused me at first -- lol. I like the way it is set up like Windows.”

— High school and USA Swimming parent.

“We are so glad you have made this Mac friendly... none of the others do! It is a great idea to be able to pull in other swimmers... it makes sense to see who they were competing with and who is improving...
Thank you so much for making this software and making it so accessible and affordable!”

— High school, YMCA, and USA Swimming parent.

“Great product, thanks!”

— High school swim coach.

“a nice, easy interface...The price is reasonable”

— Age group head coach.