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Love to analyze swimming results?

Not sure what to do with Hy-Tek results files?

Tired of your workout writer software?

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Natalog swimming software offers easy navigation of swim meet results and provides full control of your swimming history. You can enter or load every swimming result from every swim meet. Just drag and drop results files (zip, commlink, HY3, SDIF, XSDIF, DSV, Lenex, HTML, or PDF) into Natalog, and Natalog will allow you to easily view whatever data is of interest to you.

Coaches will enjoy common swim team management capabilities, such as preparing meet entries and writing workouts, as well as advanced features, such as relay suggestions, meet result projection, and season comparison.

Swimmers and parents will enjoy tracking top times, charting progress over time, and logging practice yardage. They will also receive alerts when real-time results are posted and will have convenient access to USA Swimming's motivational times since 2001 and NCAA cuts since 1964.

Let Natalog organize your swimming world so you can spend your time improving it!


“I like its simplicity. I am so used to working with more difficult programs that this one really confused me at first -- lol. I like the way it is set up like Windows.”

— High school and USA Swimming parent.

Tutorials / Videos

Natalog Workout Writing Demo

Workout Writing in Natalog

Length: 4:19

Posted: 8 Dec 2013

Natalog Practice Logging Demo

Practice Logging in Natalog

Length: 1:54

Posted: 30 May 2013

Natalog Meet Projection Demo

Meet Projection in Natalog

Length: 0:58

Posted: 15 Oct 2012

Natalog Real-Time Alerts Demo

Real-time alerts in Natalog

Length: 0:55

Posted: 2 Apr 2010

Natalog Drag and Drop Demo

Dragging meets into Natalog

Length: 1:17

Posted: 26 Sep 2009

Natalog Overview Demo

Overview of Natalog

Length: Interactive

Posted: 3 Jul 2008